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Our Mission

Our Vision

“To promote ethical leadership, academic achievement, and civic responsibility among Latino engineers and scientists at the California State University, Long Beach.”

“MAES Long Beach is the leading Latino engineering organization in Los Angeles known for producing exemplary professionals and for promoting STEM within the community.”


MAES: Latinos in engineering and Science was founded in 1974 for the purpose of increasing the number of Mexican-Americans and other Hispanics in the technical and scientific fields. Originally, the focus was on the professions, but as the organization grew, so did the scope of its activities and interests. The Society now represents the Latino community in the all-important technological arena on issues related to education, economics, environment and research. As a mature organization with a national membership representing all the engineering and scientific disciplines, the society now has turned its focus on the youth of our people. Many of its programs, with the financial help of members, companies and government agencies, are now directed at increasing the number of students at all grade levels who will study and prepare to enter our technical professions.


    The CSU LONG BEACH chapter was born from members of the Long Beach professional chapter and students involved in the MESA Engineering Program in 1989. After a resurgence in 2007, CSULB MAES strives to offer a balance between professionalism, outreach, and academia to all members and encourage not just the participation of Latinos at the College of Engineering and College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics but all majors and all races.

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