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Why should you join MAES?

Professional Networking

MAES general body meetings and workshops offer countless opportunities to network with MAES Alumni and industry leaders from multiple companies.


MAES takes pride in its active involvement with local schools. Through events like Science Extravaganza and STEM Outreach we are able to inspire and encourage young students to join the wonderful world of STEM.

"I joined because the org had welcoming aspiring leaders who put their members ahead of themselves,"

- Abraham Calderon

"A place where students can meet new friends and pursue activities such as volunteering and student development."

- Gabriel Chow

"Hmm I guess the biggest reason why I would join MAES is to expand your job network and learn skills like how to interview or go to conferences."

- Ivan Figueroa

"Maes gave me a home away from home."

- Kevin Gomez

"I joined MAES to make connections and friends."

- Anthony Ramirez

"They welcomed me with open arms."

- Marcos Barajas

"The best part about joining is you don't have to go through engineering alone, you are with a family."

- Mario Martinez

"I made new amazing friends that are always willing to help me out when I'm lost. They aspired me to go that extra step."

- Cynthia Lopez

"I joined MAES because I want to grow as a person, and make friends with fun and like-minded people that have ambitous goals."

- Osiel Ramirez

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