Science Extravaganza


Science Extravaganza, often referred to as Sci Ex for short, is a nationwide program focused on promoting STEM education and careers. It is a day dedicated to exposing hundreds of local middle school students to STEM through hands-on workshops given by student leaders and volunteer professionals in related fields. The primary goal is to help the students identify science and math concepts while maintaining a creative aspect. Many of the experiments conducted are based off of everyday occurrences, making it easier for the students to visualize the projects in their own life. 

Sci Ex also allows our student leaders the opportunity to teach others and share their own experiences. Many have said they chose a STEM major because they were told about it when they were younger. However, the exposure to workshops and experiments was often lacking. That is why throughout the academic year, leading up to Sci Ex, our student leaders reach out to local schools and host workshops in their classrooms. It is our mission to show the students that regardless of their background, anyone can excel in a STEM career. 

Thank you to our donors!