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Migrant Program Outreach

This summer we were invited to ABC Unified School District’s Migrant Program. We performed different types of experiments involving exothermic reactions that are both fun for the students as well as educational. We worked with different grade levels from 1st graders to 8th graders. We wanted to create workshops in where the students were able to take something home with them. Therefore, we had experiments such as lava lamps, polymer balls and

elephant toothpaste. We had a great help from the parents since they donated must of the supplies.

Our goal as MAES was to get kids interested in pursuing a STEM career. After each activity we asked some students if they were more inclined in being a part of STEM. We always had an overwhelming yes. We could tell we achieved our goal by the amount of smiles we received from each student and how exited they were to do other experiments. We hope we can continue with this program next year as well!


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