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Summer Camp Recap

Our MAES summer camp 2016 this year was a complete success. We had numerous students participate. During the camp, we informed the students of what they need to know and expect from their first year of college as well as a presentation from a guest speaker. We showed them where to find tutoring, gave them advice about their classes, and even gave them a tour of the campus. They then participated in workshops in accordance with their major to perform group activities that would challenge them to use their innovative minds. On the second day, they were able to interact and bond with each other and the MAES members with fun and challenging games.

- Marcos Barajas

At the MAES Summer Camp 2016 we were able to get a variety of different majors. We gave them advice and resources that will come in handy for their first year. They were given a tour of the campus of where they will most likely be attending class and be studying for finals. These freshmen had the opportunity to have workshops based on their majors and ask other organizations any questions they had. The camp was a success by having them more knowledge of the school and their majors.

- Cynthia Lopez

The MAES Summer Camp was the first of its kind for our chapter. It was meant to receive incoming first years and help their transition to their first year of college go as smooth as possible. Since it was our first time, numbers weren’t as high as expected but we still managed to help some students out. For having low numbers, we did manage to get various majors. They went through ice breakers to get to know each other and create bonds for the upcoming school year. They were given a tour of engineering classes where they were paired up with active members to ask any questions they still had pertaining to either school or college lifestyle. We introduced them to new resources by inviting other orgs to answer any questions they had and they participated in workshops tailored to their majors. This helped them understand the projects they would be going through in their specified majors and the benefits each organization had for them. Overall the Summer Camp worked out and helped prepare some freshmen for their first year.

- Mario Martinez


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