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HENAAC Conference/MAES Symposium

This year's HENAAC Conference/MAES Symposium was a success for CSULB MAES; congratulations to all of our members who were able to take home awards and showcase what CSULB MAES has to offer! Here's a recap of some of the things that happened:

Hernan Blas

MAES General Scholarships - Sponsored by MAES Orange County Professional Chapter

Diana Castro

Ray and Carmela Mellado Family Scholarships

Sammy Basurto

Northrop Grumman Corporation Scholarship

Aminah Tamimi

My project was developing a system that will generate real-time musculoskeletal models using a motion capture system. These models can be used to analyze human motion and to develop treatments for rehabilitation and sports injury. The competition gave me an opportunity to network with other students and professionals in both academia and industry. The poster was a great way to facilitate interactions on a more casual level and meet other researchers. I was able to experience a different form of networking, as one professor that came up to my poster offered me their business card for a possible collaboration, and one of the judges also asked for my resume.

College Decathalon

"The College Decathlon is a competition hosted every year during the MAES Symposium, our national conference.I had the opportunity to participate in this year’s Decathlon alongside four other outstanding students from our CSU Long Beach chapter, Samuel Basurto, Lyka Gutierrez, Jared Simmons, and Alex Aristizabal. This year we competed in a series of 10 high-paced events which are as follows Chapter expo, Shirt Design Contest, Ask Around, Resume Review, STEM Fundamental Exam, Elevator Speech, Industry Commercial, Mascot Challenge, Role Model Profile and Trading Card Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my team members to perform our best in each of these challenges. This competition challenged our time management, team work skills, delegation, presentation skills, networking skills, writing skills, and most of all our MAES and CSULB spirit. I believe the highlight of this competition was presenting our MAES Chapter and all our successes and contributions throughout the year at the Chapter Expo Activity. It was during this competition when we met our industry sponsor Daniel Baca, a Systems and Fault Manager Lead from Lockheed Martin. We

gained valuable advice and formed a strong connection with him. He even helped us come up with a commercial skit for his company! I would recommend any active MAES member to participate in Decathlon next year and win the gold!" - Hernan Blas

College Bowl

Congratulations to Alejandro Torres and Anthony Ramirez for taking first and second place in the college bowl apart of the Northrop Grumman team.

"College Bowl was just one of the many events in this year’s combined MAES/HENAAC/CAHSI Symposium, but in my opinion it was the most memorable. You start off by walking around all the company booths for a set amount of time and hope you get drafted into their team by showing off the talents you can bring into their group. It varied from doing handstands, singing, dancing, screaming, rapping, and even pretending to be a walrus. Once you are put into your group, the fun begins. There is a total of 5 competitions each team competes in. 3 of the 5 competitions were skits, the other a resume competition, and the last a deal or no deal quiz. Apart from the 5 competitions, the event was non-stop screaming and chanting to show your company pride. It was so crazy I lost my voice for almost 2 days. However, if given the chance to do College Bowl again, I would definitely do it." - Jorge Ortez

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