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Adelante Young Men Conference

For this outreach, we were invited to attend the Adelante Young Men Conference. For this event we did two experiments for three sessions each consisting of 40 students. The age group we worked with was 6th to 12th grade. The goal of this conference was to get these young men inspired and exited to attend college. So, different school’s clubs had different ways to approach this goal. We approached this by doing hands-on workshops so that the students can see real life applications. Our presentation consisted on what is engineering and the workshops itself. For the workshops we made sure that each student was able to conduct their own experiment. One of the workshop topics was density. How we presented this experiment was by doing lava lamps, that way they would be able to see how different liquids have different densities such as oil, water, and dish soap. The second experiment regarded exothermic reactions. We presented this by doing chemical reactions with yeast and soap. We also showed what can happen if pressures build up in a compact place. Overall, I’m glad the students enjoyed the workshops and I would gladly like to do this again next year.

- Edgar Garcia

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