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Summer Camp


In case you missed us at our annual Summer Camp event, we brought together a group of incoming freshman and transfer students. We dedicated this day to inform them about how important it is to take advantage of the opportunities and resources the campus has to offer. We set up a few ice breakers to have everybody get familiar with each other so that once they start school they see a familiar face in one of their class. Then guest speaker and alumni Jorge Ortez spoke about his experience with CSULB and MAES. The attendees were then able to have a lab tour of The Impact Group, Electrochemisty lab, Shark Lab, and Bioengineering lab. Afterwards lunch was provided and we brought in a guest panel that consisted of student organizations and veteran students to answer questions/give advice to our students. From 8:00 am to 3:30 pm our attendees received an an event filled, informational day!

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