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1st GBM - Fall 2018


Hello MAES Familia,

Bellow is a summary of the major points that were mentioned in this first General Body Meeting (GBM).

1. We mentioned our mission which is to help first generation students adjust to the college environment.

2. We then talked about the merge with SHPE that is happening next year.

3. We will be holding workshops such as MATLAB, SolidWorks and Excel through out the semester.

4. Also we mentioned that will be having our major events which are alumni night and science extravaganza for the spring semester.

5. Most importantly we shared the two conferences that are happening which are SHPE and HENAAC. These are really important since this is an opportunity to learn a lot.

6. We will be having a yearbook which showcases what we will be doing for this academic year.

7. Lastly we talked about the different t-shirt designs we have in mind for this academic year which are Rick and Morty and Jurassic Park.

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